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Located in Kalispell, MT, KnucklHed BBQ Food Truck and Catering serves a variety of delicious traditional barbecue, smoked meats and hand made bratwurst. We strive to bring together incredible food, great service, and a comfortable, inviting atmosphere to create an amazing dining experience. KnucklHed BBQ invites you to come check out our menu and atmosphere at the awesome locations we're set up at. We look forward to serving you.

Online Ordering & Schedule

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March 2020

  • 3/27 -  Friday 4-7pm • Take-Out Food Orders & Growler Fills @ Sacred Waters/Rough Cut Cider!  Pick-Up Service Only!!
Sacred Waters Address:
3250 U.S. Hwy 2 E, Kalispell, MT 59901
  • 3/28 -  Saturday 4-7pm • Take-Out Food Orders & Growler Fills @ Sacred Waters/Rough Cut Cider!  Pick-Up Service Only!!
Sacred Waters Address:
3250 U.S. Hwy 2 E, Kalispell, MT 59901
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Online Ordering  Info

--Welcome to our New Online Ordering option!
--A New Rewards Program!
No cards to hold on to, nothing to scan or keep track of, we do it for you!
Since this is all brand new to us (and you!), please bear with us, we're bound to mess it up somehow! 
Just a few steps needed for your 1st order!
1) Click the link below for our menu and payment options
2) Create an Account & Verify your email address - Very quick!
3) Set up some user info and payment options - You can pay by card online or cash or card in person!
4) Make your menu selections (right down to the sauces, toppings & special requests!) and delivery or pick-up options - You can even schedule your order a day in advance!
- Health & Safety Concerns -
- Cuz we Love you - Hand sanitizer and disinfectant cleaner & wipes at the walk-up counter - Use Em' KnucklHed!!
Your health & safety is important and no one's gonna take it more seriously than you!
- For Pick-Up orders - No need to check in to see if your order is ready - You'll get a Text Message letting you know! (provided of course that you entered your  phone # in your account info!) 
If you're not sure, you can always call us on the virus free Bat-Phone!  406.871.4155 
Calls are best, texts prolly won't get checked very promptly!
- I'm a Do-It-All-By-Myselfer! - Well you used to be!  All sauces & toppings, utensils & napkins have been moved inside the truck to prevent someone else from gettin' their gross cooties on your stuff! 
- What about my toppings??!! - All condiments,  sauces & toppings are provided on the side, if we both do our jobs right, you'll get exactly what you requested when you were clickin' those options all willy-nilly during the ordering process!  
Just ask, we'll make sure you get all the goodies!
- For Delivery Orders (When available) - As soon as the driver is en route, they will text to let you know that a good thing is headed your way! 
To reduce waste - PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU WANT UTENSILS, NAPKINS ETC - After all, you ARE at home, use yer' own stockpile ya' hoarder!  =P
Since there's nothing to sign, we can simply leave your order at the door and ring the bell or send another text.
Just a heads up, if you open your door and find a paper bag on fire and your Knachos missing, check with the neighbors... =P
If there are any other concerns, questions or things we can assist with - please let us know!  Things are changing quick, we can't possibly think of everything!  
What are ya waiting for??? Get with the clicky-clicky already, sheesh!!  
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